Pathways to Healing - Sessions

Reiki Treatment

August special: $35 for 45 minutes

$50 - one hour, by appointment only. Includes consultation and Reiki treatment.

Sessions are held in my home, located in Warwick, RI. My studio room has a cathedral ceiling with skylights. The body work table is comfortable and a pillow and blankets are provided as needed. I usually have lavender aromatherapy but if you do not prefer it, it won’t be used. Soft music is played.

When you arrive, we will have a short talk about your needs and why you came.

The Reiki treatment will take place with you fully clothed, lying face-up on the massage table. I will gently place my hands on your chakra centers(energy centers). All this is done with the utmost respect regarding your privacy.

Usually, the session is performed in silence, but you are free to talk if you need to, and I may ask you questions as we work.

Angel Light Messenger

$30 - half hour, by appointment only

As an ALM, I give you readings I intuit using angel cards Before we begin, we will do a brief meditation together connecting us with heaven and earth and with each other. You can talk about and ask questions you need guidance with. Through the angel cards you choose, messages are received for your highest good.  These are always gentle and loving.  They will help you stay on your path.

Reiki Treatment and ALM Session

$60 - 30 min Reiki session + 30 min ALM session, by appointment only

Gift Certificates

Available for any of the above sessions.

Please call (401) 287-4093, or fill out the form for more information.

Call (401) 287-4093 for more information

Gift Certificates