Pathways to Healing

My healing practice fulfills my heart’s desire to help others on their healing path. Reiki treatments, Angel Light Messenger Readings, meditation and affirmations all contribute to healing body/mind/spirit. These are tools I wish to share with you. They have helped me on my healing journey, and I know they will help you.

From my heart to yours,

Bobbie Schaeffer

All my treatments and classes are offered locally, in Warwick, RI. Please browse this site to learn more about me, my practice, and my training classes. Please check back often for updated information!

Upcoming Classes

Advanced Reiki Training, Level III: more info/register

Prequisite: Reiki l and ll certification

Thursday, October 19, 10:30am-5pm, $195

This level is one step away from the Master level. You will learn the Usui Master Symbol which increases the strength of your Reiki energy.

  1. Advanced Reiki attunement.

  2. Reiki moving meditation to help release negative emotions and accomplish goals.  Learn how to become centered.

  3. Reiki meditation for relaxation, expand consciousness, and help solve problems.

  4. Antahkarana, ancient symbol.

  5. How to make a Reiki Grid using crystals to continuously send Reiki to yourself and others.

  6. Reiki aura clearing, also known as psychic surgery, to help heal and remove negative blocks and cords.

  7. A guided meditation to find your Reiki guides

  8. An exercise to practice if you go on to the Master level.

Meditation Night Register now

Tuesday, November 28, 6:30-8:00pm, $15

You are invited to share a relaxing and peaceful evening experiencing different ways to meditate.  Candles, aromatherapy, soft music will help you to relax.  The practice of meditating is known to be beneficial physically, mentally and spiritually. I will include mindfulness meditation that I have begun to practice with a Sangha I joined.

The founder of my group has said, "Meditating improves the ability to be with ourselves seeing things clearly as they are in all moments of life.  Meditating is in many ways similar to how exercise strengthens the muscles.  Meditating strengthens brain regions".

Angel Communication Workshop Register now

Fri. Dec. 15, 6:30- 8:30, $35 , only $5 for those who have taken this class before!

Learn how easy it is to receive messages and communicate with the angels using pen and pad.  In this workshop, we will talk about the angelic realm, utilize steps to invite them into your life, including meditation and prayer.  Come with an open mind and heart. What you can expect; hear loving words of guidance,inspiration and support. Bring a journal to class(possibly reserved just for this work).  A quartz crystal will be used to increase your intuition and is yours to keep.  If you are repeating this class, please bring your crystal.

Reiki Session Special more info

$35 for 45 minutes

Can’t make it to a Reiki class?

Choose a date that’s convenient for you at no additional cost! Click for more info.



Gift certificates are now available!

Give the best gift: a Level l Reiki class, or Reiki treatment! For any gift, email me the address of the person you are gifting and they will be mailed a gift card or if you prefer, an email notification.

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